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Full Version: Evolution 6 - Official Scenarios
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Early Access Evolution 6 released - Official Scenarios

This update brings a major new gameplay system to Plague Inc: Evolved in the form of the Official Scenarios. Develop new strategies and approaches for 14 distinct scenarios covering a world economy destroyed by a US debt default – all the way through to the resurgence of the medieval Black Death!

Scenarios significantly increase the amount of content – giving you new challenges and experiences to test your skills to the limit.
There are two main types of scenario:
  • Real life diseases – begin the game with fully evolved, real life pathogens like the Black Death, Swine flu or Smallpox. Players can model how an outbreak would happen in real life as well as mutating the pathogen to try and get it to infect the whole world.
  • Alternative universes – choose a pathogen to infect a world that has been impacted by something like a US Debt default, an outbreak of xenophobia or a new mini ice age. Players can see how different events can shape the ability of the world to respond to global pandemics and work out how to best exploit the new conditions.
We will also be adding more scenarios in the future, as well as giving you the opportunity to create your own in the custom scenario creator.

As for what's next, we are hard at work on Evolution 7, which is going to be a big one! It's going to take us a few weeks to get it ready and we will share more information soon - so make sure to keep an eye on the forums.

Plague Inc: Evolved - Update 0.7 full change log:
New additions
  • Official Scenarios added
  • Scenario Scoreboards added
  • Enhanced 3D models show your disease evolving and growing over time
  • Hot keys (1 to 4) allow faster disease screen navigation
  • Double-click Single Player modes to start game
  • Shrink to fit added to Evolve/Devolve Buttons, Disease Screen info text & Graph screens
  • Internal country lines made less faded on world-map
  • XML error - 'Multiple inflammatory' bug fixed
  • Translesion gene didn't appear in Disease screen
  • Graph display bug

Change log for previous update can be found here: Evolution 5
Enjoying it already! :3

Small pox , black death are extreme hard on mega-brutal (cure is reserchied ultra-fast).
But i like extreme hard Smile
[Image: 76561198053465731.png]
FYI - just released 1.7.1 which is a minor hotfix
It’s really great posts.
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