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Full Version: [GAMEPLAY IDEA] Surviving after calamity
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That would be cool if you add medicine gameplay. Like after huge disease or ufo virus etc. some people survived and immune so they have to develop a cure and protect themselves (like against necroa virus or neurax sick people). Build forts and find DNA (prosect corpses, maybe get disease flowers (like in the last of us)) to get a cure. Restoring humanity i think will be harder than kill so gameplay will be 20-30 min. Maybe there can come more diseases and will make cure research even harder. Or some kind of special event like exploding of nuclear power station or meteor so people have to survive instead of searching for cure. And for survival i think there should be different development branch. So you can evolve house building, food searching, taming animals, harvesting crops etc. I think for the start you will have for map 1 country (should be more detailed map) and when game progress you will unlock more countries and by the end whole world. Maybe you will met more survivors friendly or not. Again like in last of us maybe there will be something like firefly and normal people. And you can choose which one you want to play. Different classes (firefly, bandits etc.) will have different abilities. Like for bandits scouting and hunting, making weapons (better that regular people). And i think there should be another development branch for building forts. Like you can decide to go more fortified or more social. Fortified means you can easily protect your people from bandits or zombies or neurax worms etc. (you can make more guard towers and make walls tougher, make barracks and make your people - warriors). Or for social your defense will be easier to brake but you can build more houses, stores, libraries etc. to get more survivors.Maybe make garages to produce simple vehicles or workshops to make simple weapons. Hope you like my idea!
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