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(12-03-2014 11:23 AM)tau199 Wrote: [ -> ]Plague inc digital virus special disease
Goes after Necroa
There are 1 milliard PCs worldwide,5 milliard mobile systems….
Skeleton idea(it has to be upgraded,made bigger and better):
Tier one(big files)
1.Dll-allows Dll format infiltration
2.Exe-allows Exe files infiltration
3.Ftl-alows Ftl files infiltration
Tier two(medium files)
1.Txt infiltration
2.Pdf infiltration
3.Doc infiltration
4.Docx infiltration
5.Odt infiltration
6.HTML infiltration
7.Rtf infiltration
8.Midi infiltration
9.Mp3 infiltration
10.Mp4 infiltration
11.Wav infiltration
12.Avi infiltration
Tier three(small portables)
1.Apk infiltration
2.IPA infiltration
3.jar infiltration
1.Downsizing(1,2)-makes the virus able to compress itself into smaller files.Unlocks Higher Tier Transsmision Paths
2.Self-distruct(1,2,3)-if a virus is cought,than it self-distructs,slowing the Cyber-cure research
3.Better Integration(1,2,3)-makes the virus stealthier
4.Replication(1,2)-the virus can replicate,making it harder to purge from the system
5.Antivirus avoiding(1,2,3)-avoids or destroys firewalls
Tier one
1.Lag-the virus makes the system work slower,slowing the cure research
2.Deletion-the virus deletes random files
3.Copying-the virus copies random files,spams
Tier two
1.Trojan-the virus steals passcodes
2.Control-the virus can control low grade systems(like windows)
3.Overrite-the virus overrites files with viral data
Tier three
1.Destruction-destroys the hardware by overloading it and overriting Bios(or its bigger brothers)
2.System delition-destroys the software
3.Adaptation-the virus can damage Military-class computers
4.DOS-attacks-the virus contolls computers,making them DOS attack a target(drag the DOS attack button)
Tier 4
1.Rockets-the virus launches rockets from sylos(Drag the rocket bubble just like a zombie horde)
2.Reactors-the virus makes reactors go critical(Pop reactor bubbles for them to explode)

Genes-the virus doesn’t use normal genes,but a set of 5 digital ones
1.Commpression-the virus is smaller,making it transmit faster
2.Fast replication-the virus replicates faster
3.Coordination-the DOS attacks are more sucsessfull
4.Crack-the codes are cracked faster
5.Symbiont-the virus is stealthier

1.Nuclear Maniac-launch a Nuclear missile
2.Exterminatus-destroy the planet by infiltrating and activating battle-sattelites
3.Fokusima is not proud-pop a reactor
4.Digital Horde-DOS attack
5.ZONE-33 destroy the planets only with reactor-popping

Sorry for tons of mistakes,but I am from Ukraine-English is not my native tongue

Digital Virus Ideas 1.1 mini update
New Abilities
1)Sucide Planes-airplane electronics go berserk.Controls like the rockets
2)Orbital Strike-sattelites go crashing down from the orbit.Controls:tap the ability button,than tap the targeted space
New Symptoms
Medical Equipment disruption-elaborate medical equpment goes mad and kills instead of healing.
Bit-points instead of DNA points

Digital virus 1.2 mini update
Overload-overloads mobile-telephones,so that there accumulators explode,when activated (It has a real basis-Iphones explode often)
Leak-opens vents in chemical factories
Speed-rail -overspeeds trains so they go of the rail
Traffic Light-traffic lights go berserk...Lots of car-crashes...Lots of Mayhem!!!!

AHC instead of cure (AHC-Anti Hacker Coalition/Corporation)
I think that this can be a really good scenario but in my opinion it have to be set in a far future with robots and more technology to better convey the idea
sunk again
nearely 17 k views...woohooo!
sunk again
Круто. Надо чтобы было все в будующем и люди имели чипы с информацией и если их взломать, то они бы погибали, а не как в терминаторе.
Cool idea!
Cool . (I don't speak english) But I like .
It will be cool if there were have more options for behavior than "Glory computer! Death to all people.". Such as man-machine symbiosis. Translate by google.
It's an a cool idea. I think for it's necessary to make an army of machines.
Клёвая идея. Было бы неплохо для разнообразия уничтожать не людей, а компьютеры.
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