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Full Version: Digital virus Ideas....
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You have my support,9X better then my cyborg idea. Very well thought out as well.
cool, awesome
it sunk
It would be a great idea! Wish to play that!
For Ukrainian:
Но ведь так могут выжить некоторые, человек знает, как скрыться от компьютера. Не очень эффективно, но интересно.
But some people may survive, human knows how to hide from computer systems. Not so effective, but interesting.

Really, I think it will add some exotic...
And: it'll be impossible to hack Russian military systems, because they use analog connection, they can't just be hacked. DDOS will be effective only against Russian sites and computers. So, only other countries will be able to make a desert from Russia.

Digital virus may destroy not only humanity... Earth. There are thousands of nuclear rockets in the world. If all of them will launch...
Yeah! Awesome, it‘s cool idea!
(17-03-2014 10:32 AM)NdemicMa Wrote: [ -> ]
(15-03-2014 03:00 PM)tau199 Wrote: [ -> ]There was a spammer,that created 300 advertising threads...So I had an idea for a new Symptom-Spam,it makes the infected computers to spam on registered accaunts,spreading the virus)

Haha - this is very apt!

Wow! Another spammer just came in..... Any reason for this?
My God... This awesome! I really like all ideas!
add add add
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