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Full Version: Frozen Virus
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The frozen virus is more realistic,then Necroa....Also it is Ndemics invention,and it is genious...
So,I think,that it should become a Special Disease,not a scenario

1.Fix the end-game crash of the pitho
2.Put it into the Special Disease slots,delete from the scenarios
3.Give it a new "picture"-a Human x-ray(Like the human head x-ray in necroa,but the whole body),that slowly turns into a neandertal x-ray
4.Delete the non-neandertal symptoms,like the anemia
5.Give the virus new icons
6.New abilities
1)Send Ape pack-analogue to zombie horde
2)Agression-the apes start killing instead of infecting,a good chance to kill a country you hate
3) -
7)New "upgrades" for neandertals,like the "thick fur"-for cold countries faster disease spread,or the "thick muscles"
8)New "anti-ape" corporation,analogue to Z-com...

9)Your idea,reader....
the thread sunk)
the thread sunk
Bump Smile

Very interesting poll - we did wonder ourselves when making it if it was leaning into special plague territory! Really like your ideas.
I think these ideas are alright, but I really would like a new special plague type instead of a basically combination of neurax + necroa.
The thread sunk....
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