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Full Version: Black death way to hard
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I've been playing this game for a while today was the first day i played scenarios i'm trying to beat black death on normal and it has been extremely hard closed ive gotten to is only having new zealand alive it is really hard ive been using all guides dont work have any advice or a list of chronological tree i can do to win?
Focus on transmissions, dont worry about symptoms, evolve rodent 1, 2, livestock 1, bird 1, 2, and extreme zoonosis. Oh, and dont forget the cold and drug resistances, evolve both levels of them.

It's not that hard, I managed to beat it on brutal (haven't tried on mega brutal yet). By middle game I had about 200 DNA and most of the world infected.
didnt work D:
Keep on trying. I managed to defeat it on brutal as well.

Or, if you fail a lot, you may use Cheat Engine, but that isn't recommended.

Anyway, I'll just leave this here.
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