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Full Version: Competition – Write a News headline to feature in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved
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Have you read the in-game news headlines and laughed? Thought you could do better? Well now you can write a news headline, and have it featured in Plague Inc. on mobile and PC, to be read by over 25 million people worldwide!

One of the things we get asked about most is the inspiration for our dynamic, in-game news headlines – over the last two years, the world of Plague Inc. has seen everything from a Harry Potter reboot, Justin Bibble being trampled, the launch of Kickstopper and Blankbook, revelations on the speed of Valve Time, and most recently the rise of a Helix Fossil… What should we add next?

If you’re looking for ideas – why not look at anything in the news recently? Are there any other games you’d like to reference? What’s popular and topical online? What would make players laugh? You can try anything you want – just make sure it’s clever, witty and no longer than 50 characters!

Post your proposed news articles in this thread – you’ve got until 16th May 2014, so get writing!

Good luck!

P.S. – special prize if your headline makes the front page of Reddit Tongue

[Image: 632-2014-03-18-33-ingamenews.png]

The Rules

- Entries must be submitted by 16th May 2014
- Entries must be submitted in either the Ndemic or Steam forum
- Entries must be no longer than 50 characters (including spacing and punctuation)
- All entries must be in English
- Winner(s) will be notified on our forum after closing date
- No use of profanities or adult content please!
- We reserve the right to change / alter headlines as required
- By entering, you agree that the headline content will become property of Ndemic Creations and you will not be compensated for this content
CDC claims "It's not Lupus, it will never be Lupus"
Cat mayor nominated to become king of Canada. (Alaska isn't mapped)

Couple gets married through virtual reality.

Grave robbery becoming a problem in *countryname* (Necroa Virus only, and this country should have more victims)

Pizza-flavored beer released in Italy.

UK gives Gibraltar back to Spain.

You need to edit the last rule that we can get compensated for reaching Reddit's front page. Wink

CleverBleed, NSA affected.

Disease Inc soon compatible with Oculus Rift !
Malaysian Airplane lost on time-traveling island.

Women kidnapped by man with police box.

Unreal Engine 4 'better than real life.'

Winter is coming - cancel wedding plans (can be changed to "winter on the way" if "Winter is coming" is copyrighted)

'Obesity linked to eating,' claims WHO.

Candy-related app causes diabetes.

(Looks like Flamatheus beat me to the House reference.)
-New green crystal discovered near Tiber river.

-Modern bald Prophet claims to be immortal.

-New 'Death Ray' satellite built by the U.N.

-New 'Brotherhood' cult influence grows.

-China to adopt English as official language.

-UK to abolish Royal Family.

-Confirmed: Mars colonised by Druid astronauts in 1700 BC.

-Eiffel Tower to be dismantled.

-Language pills for instant learning invented.

-Grow your own 'instant fresh pasta' on trees.

-Astrophysicists confirm the existence of White holes.

-'Mind Reading' Google search mechanism introduced to the market.

-Big Ben goes digital.

-Penguins learn to fly, zoologists baffled.

-North Korea rejoins the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

-3D printed heart successfully transplanted into human patient.

-Clones march on Washington : Demand equal rights.

-Polio eradicated, people worldwide celebrate this day.

-There is now a cure for male pattern baldness.

-Cuba embargo finally ends.

-Man is aged 150 but looks 20, 'doctors hate him'.

-Stealth ICBMs invented.

-Australia leaves the Commonwealth.

-First Thorium Molten Salt Reactor operational in the U.S.

-The U.S finally adopts the metric system.
Sculpture allegedly moved 'in the blink of an eye'

Plague simulator spotted on PC

Man dies by eating rotten kiwi

New virus emerges in Middle East

TV series 'a big disappointment'
Flying Spaghetti Monster will return, Pastafarians claim.

NASA films Russell's Teapot, apparently bigger than it seems.

Fan death caused hypoxia to 13 people, fan currently in court.

Newton's hair, a new haircut trend around the world.

Scientists finally discover why cats act as liquids.

Yellow man admits to consume ghosts, reason unknown.

"The Internet is your only friend," global activist group claims.
A strange blue solid substance discovered in New Mexico.

US president : "We've got 99 problems but China ain't one".

Tchernobyl became one of the most visited place in the world.

Lack of global productivity due to the expansion of mobile games.

"This new disease is too mainstram", say hipsters.

A megalomaniac want to build a parc with real dinosaurs.

World record of drunk people in a music festival in Germany.
I Vote for this 3things from Daminou76:
1: Tchernobyl became one of the most visited place in the world.
2: "This new disease is too mainstram", say hipsters.
3: World record of drunk people in a music festival in Germany.
Very good ideas Damiou76 Big Grin

here is an idea from me....

-Microsoft stop supporting ALL Windows operatingsystems
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