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Full Version: [Suggestion] Selective genotypes & free evolutions in multiplayer
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After playing the Plague INC version 1.8 (Mutation 8); I was wondering if implementing genotypes would be possible in game.

It would work in this way:
1. Select pathogen (let's take a virus for example)
2. Select the genotype (default [nomal pathogen in core game], Necroa (needs to be unlocked, after selection view is changing), Frozen Virus, Influenza A (scenario must be beaten to use it) etc.
3. Select Gene Traits...
And so on.

About Multiplayer (in Evolved at least):
I saw that some evolutions are present in more than 1 pathogen.
I got an idea, in which in multiplayer the players plays the pathogens with the same evolutions (such as Cranial Elephantitis, present Frozen Virus and Necroa Virus). One is gaining the said Cranial Elephantitis, and another player is getting notification for getting the same evolution for free after some time (time varies due to mutation speed). This thing would be alldirectional.

What do you think about those ideas (I think i wrote this post clear enough...)?
Any suggestions?
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