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Hi, are you new to the nDemic Forums?

Please tell us a bit more about yourself and get to know other players in this topic!

For example, tell us your age, where you are from, and what your favorite aspects about the game are.

I am Hollow, I am 25 years old and I come from the Netherlands.
My favorite aspects about the game are: Necroa Virus, Neurax Worm, (soon to be implemented) Multiplayer and Custom Pathogens/Scenarios. (Yes, I really can't wait for those! Smile )

Have fun!

I'm 22 years old, I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and my favorite aspect about the game is: THE NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TASK OF KILLING EVERYBODY WITH NANO VIRUS ON MEGA BRUTAL.

Hahah just kidding, I just love destroying all humans, The Annihilation Gene does wonders. I remember the first time I used it, I was like OMG haha

*evil grin*
Ace(u aing getting the real), 3X5 years, From the good ol' USA, my fave part is that all my fave flash game of old was resurrected and better then ever! Can't wait for MP or CSs either Wink
29 years old from Germany. Like the zombies and Neurax.
22 years old Aspie (yep, got Asperger Syndrome), from Poland.
Fav pathogens:
- Neurax Worm
- Necroa Virus
- Pithivirus (yep, the frozen one; for Neanderthal Regression) Big Grin

Got so many ideas for the game...
I am tau,18 years old,from Ukraine(soon Russia).
Favourite patogens
-Digital Virus(coming soon,I hope)
I am Helix, 18 years old, living in the Philippines.

My favorites are Nano-virus (esp. on Mega-Brutal Golden Age), Neurax, and (the soon to be, I hope) CSs.
Allright i'll do one of these.

20 year old student from Sweden.

Recently found out about this game after a discussion of "certain" mod support.
I've been poking around at the translation page since I've been interested in translating things but everybody in this stupid country knows English. So the translations pages is probably where i'll hang around mostly.
Haven't played a lot yet but i just got to the Neurax Worm which i'm looking forward to digging into.
Hello everyone, I am Daminou76 (or Damien), a 19 years old student who live in France, in a part where there are a lot of cows and rain, and I love to be a world destructor, especially with the virus (normal and necroa) and the unclassified thing that puts you in not-so-nice semi-humans.
I am waiting for new updates (of course !) and I hope that one of my sentences will be in the news headline ! I'd like to kill cows too (no, actually not).
I love Plague Inc. and my sister too ! But she did not try the Evolved version, unfortunately.
And sorry for my English, here in France we are not really friends with foreign languages... ;-)
hey, here is a bit about myself:

Name: Leon
Age: 21
Country: Denmark
Favorite Aspects Of The Game: Any Of The "Special" Viruses (including: The Black Death and The Swine Flu and Small Pox)
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