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Full Version: Mega Brutal Scenarios bug
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Every time I replay a Scenario in Mega Brutal difficulty, my Brutal progress goes down but the DNA progress bar gets replaced by the Mega Brutal golden DNA.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
There should be a "View Switch" for game difficulties, so you can see what you have gained per difficultylevel and choose which to be shown in the list of scenarios. (By tapping the Difficulty Bar above the Scenario listing, which would be the best on-screen option.)

Thanks guys, we will look into this.
It's because each time you beat something on a higher difficulty, the biohazards receive "overwrite" the old, easier difficulty; for example, I have beaten everything on 3 biohazards mega-brutal except for 3 missing on Smallpox, 1 on Nipah and 1 on Swine; my progress bar therefore says 9% completed brutal (as I had previously beaten everything 3 biohazards on brutal.)
This still hasn’t been fixed (currently playing on ver. 1.10.1).
I've finished all scenarios with 3 bio-hazards on mega-brutal & brutal (with almost all plague types, details here http://www.filedropper.com/plagueinc ), but the progress bar is always indicating 0% Brutal. I didn't play on lower difficulties because there’s no challenge Smile
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