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Full Version: Please tell us something about the new plague!
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I've just heard that new type of plague is coming,please do tell us something about it!I just can't wait for itTongue
P.S. I'm struggling to discover how to finish the new achievements,like'Whi need science'or'call PETE','I never ask for this'is also a challenge.
It'll probably be the cyber virus, i dunno.
(12-05-2014 10:44 AM)NdemicMarc Wrote: [ -> ]Bump Smile

Very interesting poll - we did wonder ourselves when making it if it was leaning into special plague territory! Really like your ideas.
^from a thread about the frozen virus

(12-05-2014 10:52 AM)NdemicMarc Wrote: [ -> ]Hi guys

Just to let you know - we do read through all the ideas on special plagues, scenarios etc. The digital one is definitely something we want to do at some point, also thinking about tying this in with robots. It would be very fun and most importantly think a lot of people would enjoy playing it!
^from a thread about a digital virus

It would seem to me that it is either going to be a special plague version of the frozen virus, or a digital virus.
Either way, I'm incredibly excited about it
I think digital is more likely, if they're going to make the frozen a special plague they'd probably port it later.
So... Pithovirus will evolve to special plague?
Well: I always thinked to use azure dots for infected, dark azure for non-evolved Evolutions and white for already evolved...
But I think that Cyber-virus will be the third one Big Grin
(Green color is a must!)
Only timeline must go 10 years forward to make it sense...
Well,it seems that you really want Digital Virus to be true.However,I think it would be a new type of plague,just the same as virus,fungus,nano,etc.Just because what they said on Twitter is'a very exciting new plague type',but not'a very exciting new scenario'

I really need more information about this new plague!
i think a "rapid-aging" virus would be a good idea
Nice posts. Keep posting such needed information. Thank's!
Anti-Plague mode?
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