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Full Version: Idea for a new plauge
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I've had the idea for quite sometime and I thought it be really interesting to see how Ndemic can pull it off, if they can. My idea was instead of a plague have an alien invasion and you evolve the aliens to build up a tolerance to the common cold and other bacteria, you could also use the DNA points to evolve the weaponry against the humans. Or you can just do a complete 180 and have the humans try to survive the aliens. That's just what my ideas were.
I'm pretty sure this doesn't go in the mobile forum. Also, an alien/digital virus has been suggested before. Many times.
I agree with Ruvaak Plague Inc. needs and out of this world plague. I suggest a parasitoid parasite like a Xenomorph in the Alien franchise. Though I don't know how you would do it I still believe it would make a great add-on for the Plague Inc. franchise.
Definitely on the ideas list Wink
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