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Full Version: What are YOU going to do when the custom scenario creator comes out?
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I'm curious as to what people are planning to do with the custom scenario editor when it comes out. I'm planning on creating a homestuck themed plague that infects trolls, and has symptoms like "Horn Decompositon" or "Think-pan degradation".

Also, don't worry, I won't steal your ideas =p
I have noooooooooooooooooo idea
I don't think the Custom Scenario editor can create new transmissions/symptoms/abilities, but if it can, I'll definitely create Ebola.

Also, if the CS can modify the global population/atmosphere, I'll definitely look forward to temporalExile's scenario.
Me? I'll enhance stock plagues with scenario traits Big Grin
A Bio-Weapon with zombies, if we can do it.
I will make a lot of new scenarios, unseen before.
But I will be showing them later on when they're made and play-ready. Wink

Well,I have got a hundred ideas...But first,I will recreate plagues from other game universes:
1)Blacklight virus-Prototype universe
2)Life-eater virus-Warhammer 40 000 universe
3)The Plague of the Unbelievers-Warhammer 40 000 universe
4)Blight-The Elder Scrolls universe
5)Thrassian Plague-The Elder Scrolls universe
6)Crystal Plague(Glass Plague)-Wrhammer 40 000 Universe
7)Sanguinare Vampiris-vampire plague-The Elder Scrolls universe
8)Lupinus Vulgaris-lycantropes plague-The Elder Scrolls universe
9)Dust Plague-I dont-remember-what-universe
I will make AIDS and Ebola. Smile
Try and make my scenario ideas I had and upload them to the internet if given the option to so others can also play it as well. Now to only assume that is possible now...
the mellers maybe...
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