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Hi! I'm GonDragon, and I'm from Argentina, I don't speak english so well, so I apologize from the beginning for my grammar faults.

I was thinking in the Transmission Ability "Extreme Zoonosis". I used to pick this transmission way, because of the "Non human transmissions", to infect islands like Madagascar at the end... The problem is that, sometimes the "Non human transmissions" take too long, so i kill all the humans before i can infect that last island... And, sometimes, happen instantly, so the country infected by the "Non human transmissions" isn't very helpfully, and then I loose because that event didn't happen again...

Mi suggestion is that make the "Non Human Transmission" an active ability, instead of a random event... Like the "Horde" from the Necroa Virus. This might sound a little OP, but if the ability, instead of waste DNA to activate (Like "Horde"), was an ability of single use... or have a long cooldown, like 100 days...

This is my suggestion... Is not only related to make easier the job of infect the last country... is more about put "Active abilitis", like "Horde", in the normal diseases, to make tha game funnier.

Thanks for your time... And sorry again for my bad english Tongue
I have a idea for a plague which mutates living beings.

* Humans and animals evolve in vicious mutants (tank mutants, fast mutants,
* big claws, additional limbs, tentacles, etc.) (may/may not use tools?)
* Creating hives which spawn mutants/boost abilities.
* possibility for hive minds
* full out war for survival (like z-com with the zombies maybe?)
* giant mutants that serve as (air)ships or mobile hives
* etc

What do you think? or does it overlap to much with the zombies?
(17-06-2014 11:20 AM)nightwolf Wrote: [ -> ]I will love to see when a earthquake happens, and the tsuname on the map Smile Loving to see other events like Nuclear Bomb (with huge mushroom), a meteorite going down, hurricanes, how the earth turn frozen or turned desert, etc The more living the planet earth shows, the better!!!

My idea also, I would love to see the map come alive with better representation of whats going on + seasonal changes should be implemented, also affecting gameplay and spreading of diseases.

I was also wondering if distastes or various events in game like floods etc. have effect on infectivety and spreading disease in affected country, cause it should.

Also I hope those disease animations are going to come in better resolutions, they look very blurry and pixelated on a large full HD screen.
What about a Bioweapon scenario that you can't evolve/devolve any symptom? You should wait it to mutate itself. If you want to be infective, evolve Transmissions. If you want to kill, use Annihilate gene.
For program features, something I would love to see in the interface is the ability to click on a country in the WHO info screen map to bring up that country's info screen; it seems like a logical evolution of the interface. Another little thing that would be nice is to be able to see *where* the remaining healthy people in the world are in the WHO map view, even when all countries have been at least partially infected.
For certain types of transmissions there should be additional infection carriage bonuses and chances; Rats and insects travel by boat and plane too, though they are not exactly wanted there. Some birds have over water migration routes, for example the common ringed plover and northern wheatear, which breed in Greenland and northern Canada but which migrate to Europe and Africa. So it should be possible to still infect the various islands and such even with closed ports.

Also, once a country's society begins to crash you will have desperate people seeking any method to get out, believing they may not be infected; The US has the most powerful Navy and Coast Guard in the world and we can't stop waterborn drug smugglers and the occasional group of Cuban refugees from getting across the gap to the continent.

Finally, some countries simply don't have the resources to maintain their populations without trade. Japan and the Philippines don't produce enough food to feed their people. Neither I think does Great Britain.

That would make the standard 'wait and infect and hide' strategy less universal.

Another idea for possible scenarios would be indirect attacks against the population; Wheat, corn, rice and potatoes are the most important food crops in the world. Some kind of blight or parasite that affected them could if not wipe out humanity at least bring it to full blown world war due to competition for remaining food resources.
I've been a fan of these games since Pandemic 1. It would be great if you could add some music options, for instance the in-game music from Pandemic 2. It really worked with the whole infecting and destroying the world vibe.

Keep doing what you're doing! Big Grin
Hi there.

I miss an option in the world info screen to see in which countries there are people that are not infected or not dead. At the moment you have to check through all countries to find that (I do not know another way).
I hope you can add that to the game.

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