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Full Version: Earth Z
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The Ndemics Earth is a much more interesting place than normal Earth...Ndemics Earth has giant squid,killer toasters,blankbook,Z-com,typewriting monkeys,hyper-hamsters....The list can go on and on...So,I think that this world has a right to have its own name...My idea is to call it Earth Zero,the name inspired by the Prototype universe NYZ-name...

Also,I would like to see Ndemic producing more games in this universe,when they finish the polishing-updating process of Plague inc

Here,I thought of a list of thematic games

3)First Strike/Defcon like

Also,I remember the "Invent the news festival" that would make the Earth Z bigger and more interesting...But I think that all news,developments,disasters should have there "pictures" on the map...I mean,for example,a mushroom cloud in China,if nuked by the USA...A cracken picture in the ocean,if the 'A giant squid destroys ships ' news appear....I think,that there are some talented painters on the forum?
Also,all the news should have there own sounds...A explosion for a nuke/terract,a splashin for the squid,a bip-bip for a car-crash...There are a lot of sounds in the Internet...
I know,that it would be a collosal amount of work,but it would make Earth Z and Plague inc much more interesting..)
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