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Full Version: [Feature Request] Bubble Interactivity
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Fun Game! Have purchased for my iPad and through Steam for my PC.

The only element of the game that detracted from my enjoyment (in a minor manner) was the requirement to manually pop the bubbles. I did see that one of the gene selection options was to have the bubbles automatically pop but could it be a usability option? i.e. if selected, then the bubbles are just for information and the points are automatically accrued, not a requirement to interact with through the interface?

I anticipate that some people would object to this as a "why not let the computer just play for you" but I think the joy of the game is already in how strategic decisions are carried out through the existing automation i.e. planes and ships, transmission, etc. The requirement to interact with the bubble feels like a micromanagement choice that I can see some people enjoying but it would be nice for it to be optional.

Thanks for a fun game and I hope it is a success.
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