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Full Version: Forum upgrade
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Lets make the forum more interesting and active,ey??)
1)Chat-box in the lower part of the screen
2)A map of forum activity-the red dots on the map shows the world activity-which countries are more active.This is mostly used on small forums,up to 100 thousand people
3)A gallery-the users can upload there images,video and music there.
4)A medal system-medals are shown under the avatar.There are 5 medals (for super-high activity,for good pictures and music,for helping other players with strategies,for good ideas,for being a moderator ) +special medals,given for winning competitions)-inspired by the Tesall site
5)An in-built encyclopaedia (wiki-style)-players put info about real diseases there
7)The calendar should be unlocked
8)A clock,that shows the time in the place,where the devs live(London?) so that the users will syncronize there time
9)A system of gifts(cool and funny pictures and gifs),that can be given by other users,for friendship,for the Happy Birthday,for Christmas,for New Year,for Helloween...
At least Post-Under-Post blocker works Tongue
1) Requested earlier Tongue http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthread.php?tid=658
2) RevolverMaps are the answer: http://www.revolvermaps.com Big Grin
3) It would be cool to see it Big Grin
4) Hmm... Rep system and post counter should be good enough...
5) MediaWiki is needed here Tongue
6) Requested earlier Tongue http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthread.php?tid=633
7) True
8) Small is good enough, don't push them to ruin the look of forum Tongue
9) Hmm... It seems that only Thanks system would be useful here... http://mods.mybb.com/view/thank-you-mybb...p-myalerts

PS: when trying to find 2nd one, Google give me this: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/fluactivitysurv.htm Tongue
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