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Full Version: Beta testers needed to help Plague Inc: Evolved infect Mac!
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A lot of people have been asking us to bring Plague Inc: Evolved to Mac, and we are excited to say we are nearly there! We have managed to get things working quicker than expected, however before we launch it fully we would like to find some volunteers to help us make sure it's bug free (apart from the good, world-killing ones...).

If you are a Mac Steam gamer and would like to be added to the beta testing team - please email 'pctechsupport@ndemiccreations.com' with the subject title "Mac Tester" and answer the following questions:
  • What is your favourite disease type
  • What was the last game you played on Mac
  • What is your best Plague Inc. strategy
  • How much time do you have to play in the next week
  • What Mac system are you using?
  • What OS version are you currently running?

We only have a few spaces so best and fastest responses only will get added to the team

Thanks in advance Smile
Thanks all for the emails. We've got enough people now, and will be replying to them soon. Thanks
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