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Full Version: Plague Inc: Evolved evolves onto Mac!
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We are excited to officially release Plague Inc: Evolved on Mac! At the same time we've fixed a number of bugs and made a number of graphic / performance improvements for all users including PC.

Mac users - please get in touch and let us know how you find it!

We have a lot of cool stuff coming in the future - currently we are working hard on adding the (long anticpated!) scenario creator into the game. We will also be adding a new Special Plague type - more information here in the next week or so! Smile

Plague Inc: Evolved - Update 0.7.4 full change log:
New additions
  • Mac compatibility added
  • Hotkey for news dropdown added – R
  • Save reminder added when quitting the game without saving anything
  • Double clicking on a new save, or existing save, should allow you to save without having to click "Save Game"
  • Number of minor text/translation tweaks and updates
  • Graphics / optimisation improvements
  • Fixed Overlap on social message box on end graph screen
  • Trend graph fixes – colours and offset issues
  • Feedback Form issues fixed
  • Fixes to Artificial Organs, Due Diligence and Contagion Cancelled achievements
  • Trend graph should be shown correctly without any offsets

Change log for previous update can be found here: Evolution 7
Yay, you are the greatest Smile
Eh Ndemic, after reading this article I gotta ask you, how many special plagues in total for PI:E can we anticipate to be released?
Sounds great. Hope we can enjoy new plague & SC very soon.
Love Mac version! Finally someone cares for mac users
Thank you for the informative posts.
After a few weeks in the mountains, I come home to find out one of my fave games is gonna be on Mac!! Awesome!! Big Grin
Damn you!! Now I'll never get any work done .....LOL.

OK..where do I buy it?
(26-01-2015 06:22 PM)countryman Wrote: [ -> ]Damn you!! Now I'll never get any work done .....LOL.

OK..where do I buy it?

On Steam!
So I've discovered. Unfortunately I have no wish to get involved with Steam. I do not want to be part of a community. I do not want to chat. I do not want to play games with others. Their support is poor. I do not want to be encumbered with all this doing-it-online stuff. Too complicated by half. I will stick to my wee smartphone screen.
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