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Full Version: Mega-Brutal Guide For Smallpox Has Been Made!
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I am glad you are curious about how to win on smallpox on the mega-brutal necessary. We have made a guide to beat it on 3 Biohazards on Mega-Brutal. The main problem with the guide is the necessary for some mutations in the strategy but it should work if you keep trying. The main problem is the extremely fast rate that the cure makes in the game. I would like to note that the guide is based off this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcwjPz...-WiXuP_T3g The guide we made is at http://icspicy.blogspot.com/2014/06/plag...utal3.html

I would like to give Spicy credit for making the guide I am just the poster for this one. I am called Jake on Spicy's site and am a poster for guides such as red rain and the like some of which I will post later. I hope you enjoy it and the time that went into a project like this. Happy Spicy Gaming!
This should work assuming you get the right mutations and the lack of mutations.
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