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Full Version: Post your cool play movie!(or other's nice ones)
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Hi there,
I'm Avocado, new to Plague Inc Forum, and really love this game as if I was infected by Neurax Worm.

I looked for guide threads and realized that there is no thread with play movies. The guide will be more helpful with movie because it is clear when symptoms, resistances, etc... should be got.
So I made this thread for it.

Post your play movies or other guys' cool ones and enjoy their play style different from mine!

Now I have made my first-edited movie about Plague Inc during my life-time.
I played with Bacteria(Mega Brutal)and got result of 301 days.
Getting ALL symptoms mainly seems easier than getting transmissions mainly.
Hi, I finished the second movie of Bacteria Stealth Play keeping it in Sweden over ten years!
I could got almost 150 point in 2-3 countries, but it was not easy to clear in Mega Brutal Mode.
The movie also can be a kinda manual to clear with enough time.
Feel free to comment Smile
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