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Full Version: [Mode] The Cure
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You should be able to buy an IAP for like $.99 which accesses the mode: Cure. Which allows you to play as the cure and defeat the plague that Tries to infect humanity. You will collect Medicine instead of DNA. And you can upgrade plague shield as an example which protects your country from some of the disease .

1. Plague shield - Deploys a shield protecting a country for a Year (in game time) (Levels 1,2,3) *COMBINES WITH STERILIZER to form a super shield.
2. Sterilizer - This upgrade kills off some of the plague but if you don't keep attacking it, it will eventually regenerate what it lost (Levels 1,2,3,4,5)
3. Cure - This is a devastating upgrade which bombs all of the plague wiping 50% off the face of the earth (Levels 1) (50 Medicine required).
4. CDC - This upgrade defends against disease spread by .50% slower spread (Levels: 1,2,3).
5. Research - This upgrade advances your research on the cure and enhances the cures power (Levels 1,2,3,4).
6. Defense systems - Allows each country to have high powered cure guns which sterilize the disease and sometimes kill it (Levels 1,2).
7. Anti-Border crossing - This prevents the disease from skipping to other countries for 5 months (in game days) (Levels 1,2,3).

*Those are just a few upgrades I came up with ask me for more and I will try to get more name ideas*

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- Virus X
Yeah that'd be pretty cool!! Maybe the administrators will add it!
This would be cool, but the Plague Shield and Anti-Border crossing seem very ineffective. a week ingame time is almost nothing at 2 or 3x speed.
Cool thx for information! Im glad to hear good comments
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