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Full Version: Ability modifications- idea
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I had written to the development staff before I registered on the forum, but I have an idea to improve the game that I believe is important.

Bacterial shell abilities need to be made more useful, as they apparently do not help out in climate adaptation as much as the usual resistances do. Furthermore, the real-life ability of bacteria to resist antibiotics should be included as an ability. Drug 3, More Reshuffles? I think something should replicate the dangers of resistant bacteria.

Parasite abilities should not affect severity so much, as much as they should affect the doctors going the wrong way, or misidentifying a disease. Certain parasitic infections are hard to guess at first.
Thanks for the ideas - we will take them into account!
Thanks. Thus the number of special abilities for Bacteria and Parasite might end up being more than 3. For virus, mutations could make a finished cure non-effective against the new, mutated strain.
This could as well apply to any pathogen, not specific for the virus.

The bacterial shell is less useful than only the cold resistance or the heat resistance, but acts in both ways as I understood it (still surplus if you ask me, rendering the bacterium the worst alternative of all pathogens). As a bacterial shell has much more impacts than just the temperature resistance (which is probably one of the least important impacts...), it is just a pity the games mechanics seem to not support these benefits.

In case of the bacterium, Drug 1 & 2 are already antibiotics resistance, adding a third one idk... With tier 2, it should be resistant to every known antibiotic. And it is very likely that we will discover only very few new antibiotic mechanics in the near future (decades), those which will lead to a suitable drug will be even fewer (not viable from a financial point of view). Antibiotics only offer an extended period of time to develop a more effective way to cope with a pathogen.
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