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Full Version: Zombie Virus (Necroa) Scenario Suggestion
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I have a really good idea for a scenario for the necroa virus (zombies on the game). The idea is that in this scenario Z-com is EVEN TOUGHER then usual. It would be like this.

Description: During the breakout of the necroa virus scientists and governments took the idea of a virus that causes cannibalism and spreads in humans seriously and took measures against it. Z-com created the first Z-Rest device to reduce zombie combat advantages against humans. Z-Com will be tougher and zombies combat advantages will be reduced. Z-Com will also appear faster and be also deadlier due to reduce effectiveness of zombies. How will you defeat Z-com now?

Possibly we could have mass exodus of the people on ships in the ocean.

(Hint: Zombie Horde Ability is now VERY USEFUL) *Cough*

This could be useful for Plague Inc: Evolved for the Mac, PC, and the Xbox One and the maybe the regular Plague Inc. game on the IOS, Android, and the like.
another idea: traditional zombies: slow, catatonic, sleepy. None of these hyperaggressive, running or bulky zombbies! You must win with the old, classic zombies. How does one manage that?
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