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Full Version: So after finally getting the Not Another Zombie Game achievement...
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...I have to say, it would be difficult enough without all the artificial difficulty added to it. What am I talking about? Well, two things in particular.

1. At some point, the virus will "force" itself to mutate. It does this by continuously mutating over and over again within a short time span if you devolve the first mutation - sometimes up to four times in two weeks if you keep devolving, even with the Creationist gene. This makes the already luck-based achievement even more so when you have to pray that you have the islands infected before the virus does this.

2. Up until the very end, the virus kills much, much more slowly than its lethality would suggest, with a dramatic slowdown as population declines. It can take 5+ YEARS for the virus to kill everyone off, even if everyone is infected, which is not only very boring to play through, but adds an even bigger luck factor - if Cytopathic Reanimation is mutated after the third year of dying humanity, you've wasted your time.

I think the achievement would be plenty difficult without these two things which make it artificially harder.
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