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Full Version: Beta Testers on iOS - Get in Touch!
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We have been hard at work on new content for Plague Inc. and are nearly ready to release it! Before we do this, we are looking for 5 passionate, talented people to help test it Smile

We wanted to ask on the Ndemic Forum before anywhere else because we have been really impressed with the level of engagement and ideas that you guys have already given us!

Testers are a key part of making Plague Inc. a great game - without your help we couldn't do it. We will need you to give us feedback on how you find the game (what strategies you use, was it too difficult / hard), as well as helping us track down and fix any bugs you might find.

The requirements to be a tester are:

- You need an iOS mobile device
- Able to write clear and specific points of feedback
- A fan of Plague Inc.
- Happy to help us make Plague Inc. a better game! Smile

If you are interested in being a beta tester - let me know! Please email betatesters@ndemiccreations.com answering the following questions:

- What is your favourite disease type in Plague Inc. and why?
- What is your least favourite disease type in Plague Inc. and why?
- What is your best Plague Inc. strategy?
- How much time do you have to play Plague Inc. in the next week?
- What sort of iOS device do you have?

Let me know if you have any questions!
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