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Full Version: Patient Who bug?
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Hi there,

trying a while now to get "Patient Who?" Achievment. I managed to get the CDC to trace Patient Zero a few times now but EVERY time they find him. No matter what I do, be slightly mortal, moderate mortality, hell even when I erased HALF OF HUMANITY they were still able to find Patient Zero. Angry

This is just one example of many failures:
[Image: plagueincevolved2014-2gkeg.jpg]
[Image: plagueincevolved2014-zaksp.jpg]
[Image: plagueincevolved2014-8tjmn.jpg]

Am I doing something wrong or can someone confirm this being a bug? Starting to get frustrated over here.
And btw. no, I am not using the immune cheat, since I know you cant unlock achievments with it.
And again.

[Image: plagueincevolved2014-8yjff.jpg]

400 million dead people in India. Still CDC is able to trace number zero Huh seems legit.... totally Angry

Tried now on Casual, Normal and this time on Brutal. Got lucky to have popped CDC message soon, just to get trolled a minute later.
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