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Full Version: Alternative maps besides traditional Earth
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If there's one thing that's a constant on every Plague game ever, it's the fact that they are played on a Earth map. That's to be expected given the idea of spreading a plague across the world we live in, but if there are going to be more scenarios out, maybe we could tinker with the actual physical lands we infect.

For example, we could have all the modern countries active on the Pangaea super-continent.

[Image: 18pefyttaq6i1jpg.jpg]

Maybe perhaps infect some knock off fantasy worlds, like devastating Middle Earth instead of conquering it.
Probably the ability of adding more maps would be available in Custom Scenarios, but only time will tell.
I really love the idea to play on another map than traditionnal Earth, and this map is awesome, I hope they add it in a futur update Smile
This would be awesome! They could possibly get a bunch of community submitted maps too.
A Pangea map would be awesome!
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