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Full Version: 3 cities that just can't be infected!!! :(
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I bought Plague Inc today I really enjoyed it and I know its not the finished article yet but there was one thing that was alarming!!! I play my first 6 games and not once did I manage to infect greenland, madagascar and papua new guinea. I mutated my bacteria differently every single time and said 3 countries I just could not infect whatever I did. Angry
*Don't become too severe/lethal too early. The more severe/lethal your disease, the more quickly countries take action against it, including shutting down ports.
*Remember to evolve certain transmissions and abilities. Water transmission is really good, as not only does it increase infectivity by ship - key to infecting islands - but the boost in humid climates also helps infect Europe, which can help spread the disease to Greenland.
*Remember to evolve cold/heat resistance. They'll help your disease spread in the neighboring countries.
Thanks for your advice! I'm guessing I just don't know how the game works yet lol but I'm enjoying it although it can be frustrating!
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