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Full Version: People magically becoming healthy
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While playing Plague inc I recentally encountered something strange. I was at the point where everyone had been infected, and the game had given me the message "there is no healthy people left in the world". At this point I started evolving lethal traits. After doing this, the game gives me the message that I am "killing too fast." I'm confused by this as I have already infected the whole world. After this, my plague just started to disappear! All infected people are suddenly healthy again! I thought I may have forgotten about the cure and had let it get to 100% buy it was only at 58%. This is, to say the least, very strange.
That is really odd! If you notice it happening again, please take screenshots and send them, with a little report of what's happening, through this link. That way we can troubleshoot with you properly and look into what's happening.
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