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Full Version: Power Overwhelming (Shadow Plague) achievement
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Okay, I've tried the strategies found in the Wikia wiki, and I've even comtributed to them, but I am stumped. Ever since one tweak that caused government response to be quicker, I have not been able to get close to succeeding in Power Overwhelming before the Templar get wise to the vampire. Has anyone figured out how to succeed at this one?
I have tried to get it for about 20 times, still not succeed. The best try was when I received 'Stonehedge built to prevent the discovery of graves' message but vampire was spotted right after it. This is the last trophy I miss in main part of the game and it takes longer than all others together. I play on Android phone with no save/load feature (there is only save&exit but it is unusable since it's breaking the trophy script). Have to start it over from the very beginning each time. Will be hoping for luck. By the way, seems that intentional contamination of UK after mutant skeleton message works better than avoiding it to the end.
I cant beat this achievement too ;(
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