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Full Version: Unlockables Not Unlocking
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I've beaten ALL standard plagues on brutal yet nothing else has unlocked. Not the worm, zombie, vampire or simian. I've played them over and over again on brutal to no avail. I can't add genes to my DNA at the start nothing.

I have gold bioware symbols for all 7 default plagues. And bronze. And silver. And I've beaten to one default scenario on brutal as well.

Why is this? Huh Sad Dodgy
Hard to say for sure, could you confirm a few details for me please?
-Are you playing on mobile, PC or console?
-Are you playing with any cheat plagues enabled?
-Are you playing while logged in to your app store ID/Steam account/console account?

Have you noticed anything else unusual about the game?
Copy the user data file first and try to re-install the game it will remove the corrupt file.
I hope this helps!
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