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Ideas for the game - LuisPrimo333 - 14-09-2019 07:07 PM

This is a redone post, I apologize for my English.
My ideas:
1-I have the idea of leaving the vehicles more realistic, with the number of healthy, infected and dead people.
2-I would like the Editor to change the boundaries and even create new countries. Also that there was a way to change City Cams. That would give more freedom and, consequently, more people playing.
3-I wish there were wars in the game, as something normal or even to fight the disease, and may also be one of the consequences of the symptom "insanity".
And in those places there would be many deaths, but a higher rate of infection.
4-I wish I could choose the district or province in which the disease begins, and there may also be migrations in the country itself, it would be much more realistic. And that a car model be added to symbolize land migration in the country.

5- I would like countries to be able to create quarantines, which would be like closed borders, but with greater difficulty for someone infected to enter or leave.
6- Models for natural disasters

RE: Ideas for the game - NdemicMario - 17-09-2019 12:54 PM

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