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Tips. - Onasaki - 28-02-2014 10:22 PM


I require some tips, I've played like... 20 games. All failures. I can manage to infect the whole world, but killing everyone always escapes me. T_T

Any tips?

I love this game btw, reminds me of an old flash game, and I look forward to the new features of the future.

RE: Tips. - TriForce - 01-03-2014 12:49 AM

try to make your virus/infection not deathly , infect so many people who you can then make deadly abilities.

RE: Tips. - Buddhano - 01-03-2014 01:26 AM

I usually start in NZ and begin with Drug Resistance I, from there I upgrade everything in transmission and try to keep my symptoms to a minimum (usually only coughing so the disease is hard to notice), I get some cold resistance, and as soon as everybody's infected I drop the Organ Failure symptom on every human being on the planet. I've only played up to Normal mode though, other difficulties might be harder Tongue

RE: Tips. - GoldenAce - 01-03-2014 01:51 AM

I start in Greenland and work from there, normally getting Drug res. I first, then cold Res., then transmissions to the corresponding countries I infect. Worked so far for me.

Also, try not to get too many symptoms, they can alert humanity to your pathogen. Coughing is nice, as its low key and can help spread it faster too. Test on casual, then normal.
GL, future world killer!

RE: Tips. - Hollow - 01-03-2014 07:45 PM

I start either in Germany (like standard, because I am from Holland), or in either West or East Africa.
Maintain your priority at Infecting on the long run without activating any Symptoms, and Devolve any Symptom before clicking the messagewindow away.
Stay stealthy and just make your Disease stronger to Drugs/Medications, and make it harder to be studied in a lab, don't waste your points on Reshuffles until your Disease has been spotted, otherwise there is no way for you to put down the Cure's percentage.
Infect 75% to the full 100% of the gameworld in order to have the upper hand, and make sure you have saved up to 100 DNA Points (70 or 80 will do too!) and then unleash the Symptoms into the gameworld.
If you already have infected most of the gameworld, just immediately evolve to the higher lethal Symptoms. (Make sure you do this all at once before going back to the gameworld screen!)
Then watch the world burn down as the bar under in the screen will become black gradually, and eventually in big steps.
This is the stealthy way to win a game, and may not apply to any game.

The other way is to go all-out. Immediately use Symptoms that increase the Infectionrates, and gradually move on to the more Lethal Symptoms as you make some Evolvements to Drug/Medication Resistance,Genetic Hardening, and Reshuffles.
Also, depending on where you start, if you play all-out aggressive, you want to have either one of the Warm or Cold Ability at the start.
Depending on where your Disease moves to, either warm or cold regions, Evolve Warm or Cold Ability upon reaching the borders of those areas, which will most likely increase Infectionrates.

I hope this was helpful.


RE: Tips. - kajoman - 03-03-2014 05:13 AM

With all diseases but Virus and Nano-Virus, I found this strategy works decently, if you have some patience (I got 4/5 biohazard symbols in the final score using this with a parasite on brutal)
Start in Australia (the 2 ports and airport allow it to reach most islands very quickly, and the kissing festival gives you a good starting boost if it occurs), buy Drug resist I (to increase spread in Australia), Water Transmission 1 (to start infecting boats), Air transmission 1 (to infect planes), and Avian transmission 1 (to increase mutations and land transmission once it hits landfall). I also recommend trying to get all the other transmission types to 1 as well to increase infection rates across the globe. Wait as it spreads (it will spread rapidly, so be ready to click a lot of bubbles) and sell all mutations until every country is infected (you may need cold resistance II to be effective in Greenland and Canada). Once that occurs, start getting basic symptoms leading up to either internal hemorrhaging/hemorrhagic shock or total organ failure (cysts/anemia and coughing respectively, but only one to reduce the severity) to increase infection rate and wait for around 50-70% of all countries population to be infected. Then, rapidly mutate the hyper lethal symptoms before they can fight back, killing them to quickly for a cure to be researched with any efficiency. If you have DNA left over, you can increase you're score by buying genetic scrambling perks and research inhibiting evolution to reduce what little research will have taken place (max on mine was 25%). Then sit back and watch as humanity desolves