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Extreme Nano Virus - Pelayoxxx - 23-08-2014 01:45 AM

If you mix a bio weapon,a prion and a nano virus waht you get?

It's more normal and dosen't infect people, it infects computers!

There is 2 switched up things: first you have computer mode,infected computers and exploded and hacked computers.Now when it says that ciber atacks are more common,more computers are infected and hacked.Then you can switch to human mode it says dead humans and siucided humans,but i'll get to that later on.

Links 1-Links on game pages infect your computer.Links 2-Marketing pages infect computers.Links 3-Government pages and deep web infect your computer.
Pendris 1-pendris with small security systems infect computers.
pendris 2-pendris with medium security systems infect computers.
pendris 3-pendris with ultra security systems infect computers.
Devices 1-Phones and computers can transmit virus.
Devices 2-Cameras and TVs can transmit virus.
Devices 3-Any device that has memory or an SD card can transmit virus.

Anti-Software 1-Virus detectors don't detect your virus.
Anti-Software 2-Free Virus cleaners don't affect your virus.
Anti-Software 3-Paid Virus cleaners don't affect your virus.
Chip Rebuild 1-Your device's chip rebuilds it's circuits.Harder to devolp a software.
Chip Rebuild 2-All your chip is changed.Even harder to devolp a software.
Chip Hardening 1-Your chip has a bigger security system.Harder to code in.
Chip Hardening 2-Your chip has a higly devolped security system.Almos impossible to code in.

Symptoms WIP

Now the deaths and suicide are because:With symptoms computers can explode and send elecricity or fire,burning houses or electrocuting people.The suicides are not so common:they are because people work hard on something and when they are going to save it or print it or watever computer run preety slow and the deseasperation go's to paranoia and the to the suicide Huh

That's all i hope they hear it thanks Smile

RE: Extreme Nano Virus - PlagueIncFan - 24-08-2014 12:20 AM

Ummm.... the fact that people would commit suicide when their computer explodes means that humanity was in severe trouble anyway..