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Tau inc. - tau1996 - 08-09-2014 05:46 PM

As you know,I produced a lot of Special Plague ideas.Some of them,require a lot of polish,like the Crysstaline Blight and the Sanguine Plague...Others are ideal,like the Vine plague...
I decided not to invent any more new plagues.I decided to concentrate on ''upgrading'' my old ideas-add more symptoms,more new-mechanics abilities,maybe some pictures too...

Here is the list of my ideas:

1)The Digital Virus-my first idea.It inroduces new game mechanics.Updated to 2.0
This Plague,is a computer virus...that destroyed the world...
2)The Crysstaline Blight-my second idea.It introduces new game mechanics.Updated to 2.0
This Plague is a crysstal,that turned everything around into similar crysstalic structures.
3)The Sanguine Plague-its my third plague.Updated to 2.0
This Plague is a historicall-recontsruction: a terrible Vampire Plague!Imagine being cornered by several blood-thirsty beasts!
4)The Vine Plague-its my fourth plague,it doesnt require any polishing.It introduces new game mechanics.Its my favourite.
Imagine plants,taking earth from the grasp of humanity...
5)The HPP-its my last plague,it requires some grammatical polishing(I made a lot of mistakes).It introduces new game mechanics.
It is a fun plague,that turns people...into wizards!

So,I am going to add new symptoms and abilities into this plagues,polish them,and continue to hope that one day,Ndemic would add them in-game!

Here is my Lore-idea.It is not a in-game idea,just a back-ground story,that tells,where all the terrible plagues come from...

Maybe soon,Alvare Fernandes aka Abetus-a terrific composer and painter,will create some new music-themes based on my plaguesBig Grin

P.c. if you liked my ideas,and want them to be added in-game,than please,ask the Ndemic developers on the Official Facebook Page to add them into the game.Thank you!Wink