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Plague inc idea - spikeman168 - 18-09-2014 07:13 PM

I have 1 new idea that everyone might like.

Color scheme change option.


With that background+ seeing it combined with plague inc, I thought it would look great if you could change it to purple, instead of red. What i mean is that red frame for the game. If you could change the color of the frame it would be amazing. Even more so if it could keep the red and the other color you choose. Even better idea is if you can mix and match colors with a set of colors.

RE: Plague inc idea - Amosalon - 30-11-2018 03:54 AM

The little touches do make the better

RE: Plague inc idea - Bee22 - 14-04-2020 09:17 AM

Ngl that does sound pretty cool :O