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Brainsss... (Necroa Virus Guide) - Z0m0ie - 19-09-2014 05:28 PM

Hey there friendly faces of plague inc! Welcome to another guide of mines

In this one I will be telling you how to win Necroa Virus!

Further a do! Let's make some zombies!

Step 1: pick an area that can most likely spread to other counties fast! (Africa or Russa maybe one of the best places to pick! Unless you want to be a try hard and go for medical counties then go ahead.)

Step 2: get transmission and abilities to spread faster! (Beware if you upgrade zoodnoctic shift then they may cure you quick!)

Step 3: after getting a good amount of people infected, you see that special lonely upgrade in transmission? The one that doesn't have any skills going to it? Get that one for random mutations! Only if you have a good amount of the world infected! Because this can upgrade one symptom after you unlock that skill.

Step 4: So your asking... "HEY! Where da zombies be at?" Well your almost there! After they find out about your plague, try to unlock a lot of symptoms because

A.) it can increase your infectivity by some what a lot

B.) The lethal part of the skill tree will come once you get near the zombie skill tree! (Although if you see it, don't use it just yet! Unless the game upgrades to it randomly)

Step 5: After getting a good amount of dead people and almost all the world taken over you know what time it is!


After upgrading to cytoplasmic reanimation (aka zombies) you will be greeded by another zombie upgrade! Unlocking that one will lead you to two sides of the zombie skill tree!

A.) The one of the right side makes the zombies somewhat harder to kill.

B.) The left side will make the zombies hard to detect but easier to kill.

Step 5: Z-Com is on to you? It's time to upgrade those abilities again! After going to abilities you will be greeded with zombie powers such as commanding them and reanimating them back from the dead!

Unlock the commanding upgrade (the icon with three zombies on it), and try to get it down to zombie horde level 3 (basicly making your zombies to travel in very large groups), while your at it, try upgrading the other upgrades from that same exact skill tree. After doing so, command your zombies to go to a country that has healthy people in it, and take them over before Z-com makes new bases! (It's recommanded if Z-com is next to a county that is already token over by zombies that you attack them ASAP! Only if you have a good amount of upgrades in the symptoms skill tree!)

Step 6: Zombies are decaying? That's what they usually do! If you have heat and cold resistance, then you can upgrade an abilite that decrease the decay rate of zombies! Making some to a few zombies to not die off randomly!

Step 7: Humanity is almost dead? Send all the rest of the zombies to the remaning countie OR use any upgrades to finish them off!

Congratulations! You are now a evil zombie master!

If any of this helped out! You can always leave a like if you wish to Smile

Good luck makin zombies Tongue


RE: Brainsss... (Necroa Virus Guide) - NdemicMarc - 22-09-2014 09:22 AM

Thanks a lot for sharing - I know a few people struggle with Necroa Virus so this could give them a good start.

Then the real challenge is - can you clear it without using zombies at all? Wink

RE: Brainsss... (Necroa Virus Guide) - Z0m0ie - 22-09-2014 05:35 PM

(22-09-2014 09:22 AM)NdemicMarc Wrote:  Thanks a lot for sharing - I know a few people struggle with Necroa Virus so this could give them a good start.

Then the real challenge is - can you clear it without using zombies at all? Wink

Ah so you really want the "Not another zombie game" achievement eh? I suggest you get all the upgrades around the cytoplasmic reanimation skill (Noticed that I said "Around" that means not upgrading the cytoplasmic reanimation!)
Plus some genetic Harding may even help out as well!

But make sure you don't get the random mutation skill for this achievement! It may automactly make zombies for you if you do!