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Various Suggestions - Tausigma5 - 20-09-2014 04:50 AM

These are some ideas i would love to see implemented, i have posted most of these on the steam forums.
1. Round earth. Have a fully srollable 2d map. so i can pan left from north america acorss the pacific or vice versa. Or be able to loook at the world/map from either pole.
2. Pan-Pacific Flights/Ships/Infection. Both this and the above ar easliy implementable and reflect real world conditions. Arctic Sea routes might be a bit more challenging but not too much.
3. Remaping the world. I would love to create a scenario with latvia in it, or other small isolated countries with harder infection rates. Or Maybe recreate the black death in europe only. is this coming??
4. Adding/Deleting/Modifying Sea Routes. Self explanitory, we can change air routes i assume ships are coming?
5. Domestic Flights/Adding Multiple Airports/Seaports. I don''t know about the rest of the worl but dometic flights account for far more of the travellers in the us and canada.
6. City Models/Icons for capitals/regional capitals
7. Trucking/Trains. Maybe i'm taking this a bit to far but it would be cool to be able to modify/see local infection centers and the routes they take within a country.