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The jitters - GoldenAce - 22-09-2014 09:40 PM

O.K., this is a weird one, as it is part of a custom scenario.

I was playing around with a few scenarios people have made, and came across one called OP VIRUS, as the cheep man I am, I decide to test it.

It has one symptom, which incenses Infectivity and Severity to an undetermined amount, and when bought, causes the virus model to the right to shake violently.

It is unknown of the cause of this, but i presume its due to the model "shaking" when something is mutated is linked to the number that it increses the infec., sev., and lethality. Just another small annoyance, but it may be something that can bother people more than that.

RE: The jitters - NdemicTechSupport - 24-09-2014 08:28 AM

The model animates as the grows (i.e. severity etc go up) so it is possible to 'hack' its numbers so it forces the animations to activate, hence the shaking.