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Grandmatriarch Virus (The Grandmapocalypse from Cookie Clicker) - Crystalcia - 11-11-2014 12:34 AM

Basically, in Cookie Clicker, you can make grandmas bake cookies for you. As you begin to upgrade them and buy more and more stuff, eventually you can buy upgrades which increase the intelligence of the grandma population. Because at this point you are sending grandmas through inter-dimensional portals to retrieve cookies from the cookie verse, in order to expand your cookie empire, many of the Grandmas return deformed and altered in horrific ways. Grandmas have also created time machines which allow them to venture to the past to retrieve cookies before they were ever eaten. Although not actually possible, for the sake of the game, the time travel begins to distort brain function in the grandmas. When paired with lots of experience with going to the cookie verse and the intelligence-increasing upgrades, the grandmas begin to transform into fleshy tentacle-like masses which consume the planet piece by piece, attracted to the many cookie factories scattered across the glob.

In this virus, you are both controlling the movement of the Grandmatriarchs and are you are upgrading them in order to give them advantages when combatting the cure.

Not too sure how you guys could implement this into the game, but i know orteil, creator of Cookieclicker would love to work with Ndemic Creations.

RE: Grandmatriarch Virus (The Grandmapocalypse from Cookie Clicker) - NdemicTom - 12-11-2014 10:57 AM

Someone has created something like this on the Custom Scenario Creator on PC.


If you have Plague Inc: Evolved then you can try it out now!