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New Plague Idea: Xenomorphs - Heisenber408 - 04-01-2015 10:24 PM

This game is awesome and I love it. I think I have an idea that might make it more awesome but it will be hard to do. The idea is summed up in 1 word: Xenomorph. Take control of the perfect organism from the Alien series.Evolve the face-hugger, chest-bursters, and adult Xenomorphs to wipe out mankind and start a new chapter in Earth's saga. There will be copyright issues to go through with the right people but I can't imagine what my reaction would be if it was done. If you can do Simian Flu from DotPotA, surely you can work out a Xenomorph.

RE: New Plague Idea: Xenomorphs - NdemicMarc - 05-01-2015 01:16 PM

Great idea - love the series! Would be cool for us to do a tie-in with Prometheus 2... Smile