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plague inc the repetition of plague types - Patient Zero - 05-02-2015 11:47 AM

hi guys i have a question about the differences in the gameplay

so, if u play bacteria, u will unlock the virus. and after u play virus, u onlock fungus. and so on....

but this is my question: whats the difference between them all? i mean, they have the same symptom tree. why not making each plague type different from the others, for exaple: bacteria and virus will have the same symptom. and parasite will have a different symptom (and/or transmission) tree, for example flesh eating, digestive systems problems, and prion will cause neural damages in its symptoms(not mind control), and etc.

if it really gets implemented, the game will be less repetitive, more intresting and most importantly more strategic. n sorry if my grammar is kinda bad

edit: well if u want dont make all symptoms different, if every single plague type is different itll cause some confusion. lets equip bacteria virus nano virus and bio weapon with the same set of symptomts

RE: plague inc the repetition of plague types - NdemicTom - 11-02-2015 10:46 AM

Would be interested to hear what other people think. There are definitely differences (some of them subtle, I agree) between the plagues, which in turn require adapted strategies, particularly at harder difficulties.