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Question about PC/Console Version - breastedvampy - 10-12-2015 06:13 AM

I am not sure if it was already discussed, literally just joined, and rather than search through it one forum at a time I decided to go ahead and just ask.
On the mobile version I purchased the scenarios and ability to speed time up, I was very content with this.
I found out after getting Brutal on all the plagues (I believe it was brutal, maybe mega brutal?) I was able to unlock the Neurax Worm and after I got the to Brutal (MB?) it unlocked the zombie plague, and after getting that it opened the Simian plague...are you able to do this on the Console/PC versions? Huh
Am I to sync my purchases through google wallet with either of them so I dont have to repurchase what I had? If I am not able to thats ok Smile Just curious. THANK YOU Big Grin

RE: Question about PC/Console Version - kon - 12-12-2015 12:50 PM

I think no.

But in pc version you have to beat things only on normal to unlock the next ones, plagues are in a different order (neurax worm before parasite, necroa before nano virus, simian flu unlocked at the beginning)
You also get 3x and 2x fast forward (for free) and scenarios are unlocked (both custom and original).
It is definitelly worth it to buy the pc version (now with multiplayer), it took ~1.5 hours for me to unlock everything (except genes).

RE: Question about PC/Console Version - NdemicTom - 14-12-2015 12:10 PM

kon is correct. It is much easier to unlock everything in the PC version, and you get an even faster game speed option too, as well as many other cool new features!