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[Fixed] Minor Graphical Bug When Playing Neurax Worm - The Psycho Pathol5ba - 03-01-2016 05:40 PM

This issue has been fixed as of update 1.11.2 for the iOS version. It makes me happy to know that the devs pay attention to these bug reports! Keep up the great work, team! Big Grin

When playing Neurax Worm since the recent update in December I have noticed a minor graphical issue that occurs when the player sends a Trojan Plane to another country. The bug is that regardless of where the path of the plane takes it, a long orange line will appear that continues off the boundaries of the map and to an unseen point. This occurs every time I send a plane, and the lines all converge on a point in farthest top right corner of the map that certainly does not appear to be any particular country. A new line appears whenever I send a Trojan Plane to any country, from any country. Below is a screenshot of the graphical issue I am talking about. This was observed on iOS. The game version is 1.11.0, the latest available version of Plague Inc. mobile.


My apologies for the small image size, I was limited to a 500KB file attachment. Click the thumbnail to view an enlarged version.