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Several bugs - NoSkillsNLD - 14-02-2016 03:12 PM

Hello everyone o7

I just wanted to report a few bugs I found the past days. Haven't really been able to come on the forums and talk about it.

This is mainly because 1 of the bugs, is within the 'bug report' section. I typed up a story to find out I wasn't able to actually report the bug. I tried it several times and the send button is frozen.

The second one would be in the start of a multiplayer game. When you type before the very first screen disappears, it'll put the typing bar to the background and it locks you out of hotkeys. Escape and enter won't save you out of that one. It's a consistent one where you have to manually click the chat box button to regain controls. I just tested, if you chat just before the end of the game before it switches to the statistics, the same will happen.

There is also the bug in 'top plague' in the search section in multiplayer. It doesn't update to the actual top plague. It only recognizes Bacteria i think?

The third one is about the ranking system. The last 10 games I played, I haven't won or lost any ranking points. Just before this, I was able to win points on a complete newbean with 0 points and now I didn't seem to get any points to beat top50 plagues.
It does register the games I played


RE: Several bugs - NdemicTechSupport - 15-02-2016 12:30 PM

We're aware of the chat bug and it should be fixed in the next update.

RE: the bug reporting issue, do you mean the in-game contact form? I'm not sure why it wouldn't have worked for you, it seems to be working currently. Had you previously sent a message already or was it the first time you tried?

We'll look into the Leaderboard issues. Thanks for raising Smile