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Plague Inc: Evolved for Xbox One - Update Change Log 23rd May - NdemicMarc - 24-05-2016 09:21 AM

Players on Xbox One should have received an update today. It adds a whole host of new features which should benefit all players, with the Statistics screen allowing you to keep a record of your plagues' deadliness over time, the new 'Double Strain' cheat where you can infect the world with a dual-pronged attack, while the new Tutorial and Pity Mode bring some mercy to players getting to grips with the game!

We're also narrowing in on converting a new batch of Custom Scenarios over to console for you to play, so watch out for those in the imminent future too - I know a lot of you have been asking for them, and they are coming!

Full change log is below:

New Features

- Tutorial Mode - Enrol in 'Infectious Disease School', with an easy difficulty level game with guidance on how to play
- 'Double Strain' Cheat - How will the world handle two Patient Zeroes? Start your plague off in two countries at once with this brand new cheat
- Statistics Screen - Track how your diseases have impacted the world across games
- 'Pity Mode' - Struggling to unlock disease types? Pity Mode takes mercy on you, granting you access to new disease types by completing a game on Casual rather than Normal

Bug Fixes

- Disease names can now contain curly braces! {}
- Reduced number of Trojan Planes triggering in Neurax Worm disease type
- Speed Run ‘Biohazard’ scores now populate on Speed Run screen post-completion
- UI fixes in Simian Flu (relating to button prompts for World / Country Screens)
- Audio fixes in Gene insertion screens
- Replays of games in Official Scenarios mode now account for previously-chosen disease type