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Tree Making, And Custom Traits. - ThePurplePlague - 30-06-2016 11:49 PM

Idea(For People New In SC)1. Tree Making
About Making 'Trait Trees' You Must Click Yes On 'Is This A Starting Trait?' Once You're Done With That You'll Have A Trait Tree!
NOTE: You Must Have The Traits Together Or Else The Trait After That Trait You Evolved Will NOT Appear.
2. Custom Traits
Infectivity: This Makes Infection Faster. The Max Is Either 100 Or 90 To Fill The Infectivity.
Severity: This Makes The Plague Scary. The More Scary, It Makes More DNA. It Also Makes The World Try To Cure You. If The 'Severity' Is Too High The Cure Will Slow Down.
Lethality: If This Is Higher, Deaths Go Up Faster. (Recommended at when you infect the world.)

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