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Game stopped working on my samsung s6 edge - Zefnoly - 30-08-2016 04:26 PM

A while ago i started the app to notice it crashed when it loaded up. i tried again and again. didn't work. Then after a while i wanted to play again on another bus trip and it stil didn't work, i waited long to see if i could get an update fixing it.

Also i did lots of stuff in the app. i unlocked everything at hard mode. And most of the bonus stuff. Im afraid reinstalling it will remove all my progress (i payed for the game but not any of the content boosts). And it took me lots of work and time to unlock to where i was and i would really much continue from there.

Is there a way to fix this while keeping my save data? Also where is it located? I tried browsing through the phone but didn't find anything? Is it also synced to some cloud in google play? Would love to be able to play it on my phone again. I dont have much other games on my phone i like to play and this is the only one except fallout shelter i really liked to play.

RE: Game stopped working on my samsung s6 edge - mmworkfifa - 11-12-2016 04:18 AM

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