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inFamous Inspired Plague - Zstephable - 09-11-2016 09:01 PM

I love plague and I love inFamous. When I played the Simian Flu I loved the idea of helping one species and killing the others. One of the first thoughts I had was inFamous 1 and 2.

"The Ray Field Plague was a lethal disease that originated from radiation poisoning from Ray Field energy, the energy force left behind by the Ray Sphere. After the Ray Sphere was activated in Empire City, the plague struck immediately and killed nearly all of the city's inhabitants.

Some infected were reported dying the same day that they showed symptoms of the illness. Those who had their Conduit genes activated were unaffected, rendering them immune to the disease, while normal humans died. After an encounter with John White, Cole MacGrath gained the ability to see people that have been infected by the plague via his Radar Pulse power."

I was thinking about how I would love to play a situation like this. Evolving the disease to kill humans making it deadlier while evolving it for conduits like at first they are just immune to the disease and soon after evolving they get strength, then there are branches to different powers. and one of the strongest powers is to activate all conduits in the immediate area. The conduits are trying to activate to save as many as they can all the while killing normal humans so the disease can't cure them because they'll die or something of the sorts. A 'DUP' to hunt conduits and work on the cure. I would love this so much.